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Month: May 2016

Vanilla cupcakes with sugared flowers ?>

Vanilla cupcakes with sugared flowers

This cupcake recipe is the one that I’ve been using since I was a little girl and it’s super easy Ingredients 6oz softened butter or flora 6oz caster sugar 6oz self raising flour 3 medium eggs teaspoon vanilla extract Put butter, eggs, vanilla extract and sugar into a bowl and mix with electric mixer for a few minutes.  Add sifted flour and fold into mixture This recipe will make either 24 small/medium sized cupcakes or 12 of the larger ones…

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Quick easy scone recipe ?>

Quick easy scone recipe

  I’ve got lots of lovely recipe books but more often than not I use my old handwritten recipes notebook which has all my school recipes and ones which I’ve collected over the last 30 years or so.  This scone recipe is one from my school days and it’s super easy and ideal to make for any unexpected visitors!  After all, a pot of tea and warm scones out of the oven with butter and jam is hard to beat!…

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Lace lanterns ?>

Lace lanterns

  The first lace lanterns I ever made were for my daughter Rebecca’s wedding. I was making lace corsages for the bridesmaids with lace left over from their dresses and suddenly had a flash of inspiration and decided to cover some of the glass lanterns for the top table with the leftover lace. I’d never seen it done before but thought it would be simple enough to do. I measured out the lace to fit round the lanterns and held…

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Styling with vintage books ?>

Styling with vintage books

  I’ve been a book addict since I was a child and used to drive my sister mad as she was very active and loved to get outdoors whereas my nose was always stuck in a book. My first love was Enid Blyton and I devoured her books so quickly that I was a regular at our local library.  I remember being told off one day by the librarian for bringing my books back the same day as I’d taken…

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Pretty vintage teacups ?>

Pretty vintage teacups

    My love of pretty florals and pastels is evident in my vintage china collection and I do have definite favourites!  When clients come to see me regarding styling and hiring items for their special event one of the first things that they usually like to do is pick out which style and colours of teacups they would like to use.  This is especially true of brides who often like them to tie in with bridesmaids dresses and flowers etc….

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