Spring & Easter decor ?? ?>

Spring & Easter decor ??



Easter & Spring decorating is always lots of fun with all the cute pastel accessories and pretty pink tulips and setting an Easter table is one of my favourites.  I usually restrict my decorating to the kitchen and start it off by changing my shelving unit by displaying  some of my Hogben pottery and little Easter decorations.



If you saw my Christmas decor you’ll know that I LOVE my vintage postcards and I have the cutest collection of Easter ones featuring the most adorable illustrations and I’ve pegged these up along my shelves with cute little light up pegs from Festive Lights.



I usually buy a couple of new decorations every year and Tkmaxx is always fabulous for picking up something different. This year I found a little happy Easter sign and these very cute little nests with pastel coloured eggs.



So here’s to Spring & tulips & chocolate bunnies and I’ll keep you all updated with my Easter  decor & table decorating as it comes along!




Thanks for reading!

Lots love

Louise xxx


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2 thoughts on “Spring & Easter decor ??

  1. How beautiful everything !! I really liked your little bird, I’m addicted to ceramic birds, but I have not yet found a rose !! What I have found have been two mirrors to decorate the table, since you use them a lot and I like them as they are !!

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