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Month: April 2017

Botanical afternoon tea with Portmeirion UK ?>

Botanical afternoon tea with Portmeirion UK

When I was asked by the lovely people at Portmeirion UK to style up an afternoon tea featuring their beautiful Botanic Garden range  I was delighted as everyone knows how much I love my florals!  The iconic Botanic Garden designs are instantly recognisable with their green borders and vibrant botanical details. The range features a variety of floral illustrations adapted from Thomas Green’s Universal or-Botanical, Medical and Agricultural Dictionary (1817)  and the botanical detail in each piece is wonderful! Featuring…

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Easy meringue nests ?>

Easy meringue nests

This meringue nest recipe is super easy and perfect for serving as individual little desserts Ingredients 2 egg whites 100 g caster sugar whipped cream & fresh fruit   Method Whisk egg whites on a low setting until frothy and then add sugar one dessert spoonful at a time and continue whisking at an increased setting until all sugar has been added and soft peaks have formed. Pipe meringue mixture onto a baking sheet in a circle making it higher…

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