Pink & gold table ?>

Pink & gold table



I’ve painted many items of furniture over the years and used lots of different types of paint. Originally when I started painting furniture I always used satinwood paint and then I went through a stage of using chalk paint for everything but found it seemed to mark easily on pieces of furniture that were being handled a lot. I prefer using it for smaller projects like mirrors and frames but mainly use satinwood for larger pieces of furniture. In saying that I do love Rustoleum chalk paint and used it it paint a large bookcase in my dining room in Laurel Green.

This little table sits in my hall and was getting a bit grubby and marked so I decided to paint it pink and gold.



I didn’t want to spend a lot of money so bought a pot of Johnstone’s quick dry satin in Pink Cadillac from The Range which cost £8.49 and I already had some little pots of Rustoleum  painters touch enamel in gold.

To prepare the table I wiped it down with sugar soap wipes and then  painted it with a couple of coats of the pink paint. This paint is so easy to work with and dries quickly which is great as I don’t have a lot of patience!



I painted the handle with the gold paint using a small brush and added gold onto the edges of the drawer. I also painted the scalloped edges of the table with the gold paint and then drew on little swirls on the sides with a gold Pentel paint marker pen.





I was really pleased with the finished result and it didn’t take long at all to transform this little table and give it a new lease of life.




Louise 💕Xx

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6 thoughts on “Pink & gold table

  1. Found you on Instagram, beautiful tea cups and decor. I love all the pastel colors you have incorporated in your home.

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