Pear Friands ?>

Pear Friands


I first had these delicious little cakes as part of a lovely afternoon tea at Galgorm Resort & Spa and have wanted to try making them ever since. I ordered a silicone mould from eBay as I wanted them to be the same little oval shape as those ones. They can be made either with pears or raspberries and for my first go at making them I used tinned pears cut into little slices.




Recipe as follows –


One & half cups icing sugar

Half cup plain flour

One & half cups ground almonds

3 eggs (lightly beaten)

180g of butter (melted then cooled)

Tin of pears in chopped into little chunks

Flaked almonds



Seive icing sugar, flour & ground almonds into baking bowl and make a well in centre


Then add eggs & butter and mix well until all combined.


Put silicon mould onto baking tray and carefully spoon mixture into it leaving a little gap at the top of each one to allow to rise.  Push little pear chunks into each one and sprinkle with flaked almonds before putting into oven for approximately 15 minutes at 180 degrees. (Pears can be substituted with raspberries depending upon preference)



Once baked turn out onto a cooling tray and once cool lightly dust with icing sugar.



Happy baking!

Louise xxx

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4 thoughts on “Pear Friands

  1. Hey Louise! I initially came here to find your recipe to your Macaron filling and wound up bumping into this lil beauty! I must and will try.. looks so yummy and simple to make, Happy Baking! ?? your friend from IG, Angie/Macaronaged

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