Caramel chocolate crispie ?>

Caramel chocolate crispie



I came up with this recipe years ago as an alternative to millionaire shortbread as I don’t personally like the shortbread base on it but love the toffee/caramel part. I’ve used Cadbury’s dairy milk here but I sometimes make it with milky bar or you can have a milk choc base with a white choc topping, it’s lovely however you choose to make it.

Ingredients and recipe as follows –


4 large bars Cadbury’s choc

Rice Krispies

8oz butter

8oz granulated sugar

4 dessert spoons syrup

1 tin condensed milk


Break up two cakes of chocolate into a bowl and put in microwave for a couple mins stopping every 30 seconds and stirring until melted. Add rice crispies (I don’t measure them, I just keep adding them until all the choc is mixed through them evenly)



Press into baking tray until flat and put into fridge to set while making toffee.


To make toffee put butter, syrup & condensed milk into pan and melt on a low heat before adding sugar and  bring slowly to the boil stirring all the time and then simmer for 5 minutes still stirring continuously



Once toffee is ready pour over chilled base and leave to cool.


Once cooled melt the other 2 cakes of choc and mix rice crispies and add as a topping to the caramel.

Add crushed smarties to top to decorate and leave to set before cutting into small squares



Louise xxx

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