Carrot & apple Easter cake ?>

Carrot & apple Easter cake




I’ve posted this recipe before as a cupcake recipe but thought it would make the perfect Easter cake with cream cheese and maple syrup frosting and decorated with some of my favourite little Schleich animals.  I always include some of the Schleich animals in my Christmas decor so thought it would be super cute to get some of the little lambs & bunnies for my Easter cake this year.


I doubled the following quantities to make this Easter cake as I wanted it to have a few layers but if you just want a single tier cake then use quantities below –


175g SR flour

135g granulated sugar

One & a half cups grated carrots

One cup grated apples

Two thirds cup sunflower oil

Teaspoon ground cinnamon

Teaspoon baking soda

2 large eggs

Half teaspoon vanilla extract





Sieve flour , cinnamon & baking soda into a bowl.

Whisk eggs in mixer then add vanilla, sugar & oil and whisk till thoroughly combined

Fold flour mix into the egg mixture then add grated carrots & apples and stir through well.

Bake in oven at 180 degrees  for approx 35 minutes, I usually check with a skewer that cake is properly cooked.

Put on cooling tray and make frosting


Frosting –

Quarter cup softened butter

4oz full fat cream cheese

Two & half cups icing sugar

splash of maple syrup (optional)

few drops vanilla extract


Whisk cream cheese, maple syrup, vanilla  & butter in mixer till combined then gradually add sifted icing sugar till all combined

Once cake is properly cooled you can slice in half and put frosting in middle and on top.  I doubled above quantities as I had more layers and also covered sides of cake.

The little sugar carrots & flowers on my cake were from Tesco and are available in most supermarkets.





I’d seen lots of  animal cake toppers on Pinterest wearing little party hats and found a tutorial online showing how to make them so I raided Lydia’s craft box for the little Pom Pom’s and made some from glitter fabric that I’d bought a few years ago.





Happy Easter!!

Louise xxx



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