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Champagne & Strawberry Cupcakes ?>

Champagne & Strawberry Cupcakes

Strawberry & Champagne Cupcakes These delicious cupcakes are one of my favourite recipes and make the perfect summer bake as they’re very easy to make but look impressive enough to serve at parties or for an afternoon tea in the garden! The recipe is from Peggy Porschen’s Boutique Baking book but without the jam filling as I prefer them without it. Recipe is as follows – Cake mix – 200g unsalted butter 200g caster sugar pinch of salt seeds of…

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Carrot & apple Easter cake ?>

Carrot & apple Easter cake

I’ve posted this recipe before as a cupcake recipe but thought it would make the perfect Easter cake with cream cheese and maple syrup frosting and decorated with some of my favourite little Schleich animals.  I always include some of the Schleich animals in my Christmas decor so thought it would be super cute to get some of the little lambs & bunnies for my Easter cake this year. I doubled the following quantities to make this Easter cake as…

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Sticky toffee pudding ?>

Sticky toffee pudding

Sticky toffee pudding has always been a big favourite in our family especially at this time of year and this recipe is very easy to make. This is my Mum’s recipe but I’ve given it a little festive twist by adding black treacle and swapping the caster sugar for soft brown sugar to make it slightly stickier and darker and it tasted delicious. It’s best served with vanilla custard or ice cream and extra toffee sauce.  Anytime I order sticky…

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Caramel chocolate crispie ?>

Caramel chocolate crispie

I came up with this recipe years ago as an alternative to millionaire shortbread as I don’t personally like the shortbread base on it but love the toffee/caramel part. I’ve used Cadbury’s dairy milk here but I sometimes make it with milky bar or you can have a milk choc base with a white choc topping, it’s lovely however you choose to make it. Ingredients and recipe as follows – Ingredients- 4 large bars Cadbury’s choc Rice Krispies 8oz butter…

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Pear Friands ?>

Pear Friands

I first had these delicious little cakes as part of a lovely afternoon tea at Galgorm Resort & Spa and have wanted to try making them ever since. I ordered a silicone mould from eBay as I wanted them to be the same little oval shape as those ones. They can be made either with pears or raspberries and for my first go at making them I used tinned pears cut into little slices. Recipe as follows – Ingredients One…

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Argentinean Blueberry shot glass desserts ?>

Argentinean Blueberry shot glass desserts

I have always loved creating new recipes since I was a child and remember winning a Scotbloc cooking chocolate competition to create a traybake using their orange flavoured chocolate when I was around 12 years old so the challenge of creating a recipe with delicious Argentinean Blueberries was right up my street and I couldn’t wait to get started.  Argentinean blueberries are sweeter than other types making them the perfect ingredient for this recipe. I started off by making blueberry…

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Apple & toffee crumble ?>

Apple & toffee crumble

  This is one of my favourite desserts especially at this time of year and it’s really just a basic crumble recipe with toffee added. When I originally made this dessert I always made it in a flan dish with a shortcrust pastry base baked blind before adding cooked apples and then a layer of crumble before adding homemade toffee but I’ve simplified it over the years and it tastes just as good like this! I always use Granny Smith…

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Lemon cheesecake with raspberries & strawberries ? ?>

Lemon cheesecake with raspberries & strawberries ?

 Strictly speaking this isn’t a cheesecake but it’s a super easy light dessert which is perfect for hot summer days and takes literally minutes to whip up. You can either just make it a lemon cheesecake with the recipe below – Base- 100g butter 250g crushed biscuits (I use lotus biscuits or ginger nuts as they go well with the lemon) Method- Melt butter and mix in the crushed biscuits then press mixture into base of round baking tin. Put…

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Strawberry & Champagne cupcakes ?>

Strawberry & Champagne cupcakes

My daughter bought me these gorgeous Peggy Porschen books for Christmas a few years ago and they are full of the loveliest cupcake & cake recipes.  I decided to try making the Strawberry & Champagne cupcakes this time and they certainly didn’t disappoint! Recipe is as follows – Cake mix – 200g unsalted butter 200g caster sugar pinch of salt seeds of one vanilla pod 4 medium eggs 200g self raising flour —————————— Frosting – 200g full fat cream cheese…

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Hot chocolate & Oreo marshmallows ?>

Hot chocolate & Oreo marshmallows

After seeing lots of cute hot chocolate stations on Pinterest I decided to set one up in my kitchen for my little grandchildren as they love a mug of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and chocolate buttons on the top.  There’s nothing nicer on a cold & dark night than curling up with a mug of hot chocolate and it’s perfect for a girls night in where everyone can choose their own toppings. The ultimate experience in hot chocolate has…

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