Argentinean Blueberry shot glass desserts ?>

Argentinean Blueberry shot glass desserts

I have always loved creating new recipes since I was a child and remember winning a Scotbloc cooking chocolate competition to create a traybake using their orange flavoured chocolate when I was around 12 years old so the challenge of creating a recipe with delicious Argentinean Blueberries was right up my street and I couldn’t wait to get started.  Argentinean blueberries are sweeter than other types making them the perfect ingredient for this recipe. I started off by making blueberry…

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Apple & toffee crumble ?>

Apple & toffee crumble

  This is one of my favourite desserts especially at this time of year and it’s really just a basic crumble recipe with toffee added. When I originally made this dessert I always made it in a flan dish with a shortcrust pastry base baked blind before adding cooked apples and then a layer of crumble before adding homemade toffee but I’ve simplified it over the years and it tastes just as good like this! I always use Granny Smith…

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Paris is always a good idea ?>

Paris is always a good idea

I’m not really a holiday person as I’m a real home bird and although I have enjoyed holidays in other places, Paris is the only place that has captured my heart enough to return to again and again.  This latest trip was my 15th visit to this beautiful city and I still haven’t quite ticked off everything on my list that I want to see but I’m going to share some of my favourites with you. We have mainly stayed…

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Paris trip after losing my Mum ?>

Paris trip after losing my Mum

I’ve been going to Paris regularly for the last 20 years but with my mum being so ill over the last 3 years I was afraid to book any holidays where I couldn’t just jump into the car and get back home quickly so holidays had been put on the back burner during that time of caring for my Mum.  Due to the complications of long term chemo my Mum’s kidneys failed 3 years ago and she became critically ill…

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Lemon cheesecake with raspberries & strawberries 🍓 ?>

Lemon cheesecake with raspberries & strawberries 🍓

 Strictly speaking this isn’t a cheesecake but it’s a super easy light dessert which is perfect for hot summer days and takes literally minutes to whip up. You can either just make it a lemon cheesecake with the recipe below – Base- 100g butter 250g crushed biscuits (I use lotus biscuits or ginger nuts as they go well with the lemon) Method- Melt butter and mix in the crushed biscuits then press mixture into base of round baking tin. Put…

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Summer baby shower ?>

Summer baby shower

Styling a baby shower is always a big favourite of mine as it’s such a happy occasion with lots of pretty pastel decorations.  There’s a few of my friends expecting babies this summer so I decided to host a little celebration for them in my garden during the lovely sunny weather we enjoyed recently. Party Pieces is always fabulous for pretty decorations & accessories for all those special occasions and I love everything in their ‘Oh Baby’ range! I keep…

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Lucy & Belle event at Galgorm Resort & Spa ?>

Lucy & Belle event at Galgorm Resort & Spa

When the lovely Clara of Lucy & Belle phoned me one day out of the blue to chat about an idea she’d had to host a very special afternoon tea for bloggers in N Ireland I was delighted as everyone knows how much I love a project and especially one which involves pretty teacups, flowers and delicious food! Clara truly is the most lovely person and very like myself when it comes to being particular about little details and making…

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Royal Wedding afternoon tea at Galgorm ?>

Royal Wedding afternoon tea at Galgorm

When I was asked to supply vintage china and accessories  for a very special afternoon tea to celebrate the Royal Wedding at the beautiful Galgorm Resort & Spa I was delighted as I love all things Royal! I was a huge Diana fan back in the day and wrote to her on a number of occasions and was always very excited to receive a reply back from Kensington palace! I also sent cards & letters to William & Harry when…

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Lydia’s first birthday party ?>

Lydia’s first birthday party

I’ve finally gotten round to adding a birthday party section to the blog and realised that I had never posted Lydia’s first birthday party although she has now turned two🙈 Ah well, better late than never as the saying goes! For Lydia’s first birthday her mummy Rebecca  wanted it have a pink & gold theme with some Liberty fabrics added into the mix! Lydia’s gorgeous Liberty outfit was designed and made by the wonderful Tinker & Belle and I made…

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21st birthday party ?>

21st birthday party

When Esther asked me to style & set up her 21st birthday party for her I was delighted as she did her work experience with me a few years ago and we got on so well. One of the main things that Esther wanted was an area set up with props for everyone to have fun pics taken.  I set up a cute little area with a bench and tables with photo props and it proved very popular on the…

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